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Busy week with quotes, repairs and unfortunately paperwork. Four iSolution iMove 50SR’s have been shipped out to a college for their Drama/theatre/workshop stage lighting, being LED the 50W fixture should require little maintenance and no time consuming lamp changes, I think for permanent install these and other fixtures offer a much better solution than their halogen counterparts, the technology is moving fast, and the Prolight Concepts stable which also includes LEDJ, Acme, and a host of others,  offer an incredible range, at a decent price point, and are constantly ahead of the pack when it comes to design and quality. Check out their brands here- http://prolight.co.uk/brands.php
On the Audio front Tannoy have introduced a 100 degree mid top dispersion version of their ground braking Live VQ range, LiveVQ100 is more suitable for general purpose use in smaller venues than the VQ60 (60 deg) version which when paired up in a larger venue are nothing less than spectacular. Designed for the Mega Churches in the USA where Tannoy have their biggest following (Next to Jesus of course!) they work fantastically well in the Touring/Live world, being much simpler to rig than an Array system, and having the advantage of hitherto unheard volume levels and throw from a Point Source cabinet. The VQ100 will offer a one top per side solution for a mind bogglingly large audience, and are they in for a treat, more information can be found here- http://www.tannoy.com/ProSummary.aspx#&&W5nrP3DyKyOpxTCaGAcBak72eqa0CoAXs4oUPzJF1lP0GI97twKcYl2/hvvkQnxVdzx4N7DPhOSSmGIXqL5KxUxFZSwXR1qgrphS3X2AsggV66RUez77ebz7kpm0XoWa
Check out their new VXP range of Active multi purpose cabs, and the VX Passive versions, the VXP have Lab. Gruppen Amplifiers in them, which combined with the TC Electronics boards and legendary Tannoy Drivers offer a perfect solution for any performance area. Replacing the V range, although these are still available, the VX range are lighter and more powerful, the Audio quality is as with the VQ range stunning, if you have never knowingly heard a Tannoy system put it on the list of things to do, their Hi Fi speakers are in a class of their own, and these new PA cabs have the exact same voicing, clarity and definition, shut your eyes and try and guess where the speakers are, its not easy, the stereo image which is created by the Point Source system is unique, concentric, intelligible waves portray a audio image which is free from most of the phase distortion created with the conventional Tweeter mounted in a horn above the mid driver designs, my favourite part of all this, is it requires much less volume to relay the sound clearly, the best example of which is when used as Monitors. Check out the VX along with the VQ install series range here- http://www.tannoy.com/ProSummary.aspx#&&K3O1MAyBKAknPt8PRch6ba3ZV6zUa1UtSn+xzjoydZLBKTgfJH7S2cnyBzwSbsVBrnvGoYwnZGuHdQLB0/FY4aAdmDZvfA7L/RlckU7FCmdlCEj/5OvB6wh4r7g6sAm4
Looking forward to the Christmas party’s, got some great stuff to get in amongst, although also looking forward to the Christmas break, comes around so quick!
Cheers for now! Allan