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Sometimes its easy to navigate the web, right state of mind, technology behaving, creative mood etc, other times its a chore like washing the van, although lucky to have such a luxury, I could spend the time washing it, actually walking to the destinations, were it not for the equipment, anyway, I digress, even through the tools for blogging lay on my lap, the afore mentioned state of mind is lacking, after 26 days of January, I am happily exhausted, its been a turmoil of work related stuff, but also un work related, so tools at the ready we head towards February, so soon, if nothing else this will be a reminder of the distortions in my perception of the passing of time.
Quite a few projects on the way, a couple finished, Rife radio show 26 today, the 26th, seems to be outrunning the moss. العاب كازينو اون لاين مجانا
Otherwise its been an interesting year so far, much paradox and tribulation, so, onwards and upwards towards the Half Century via worthy causes, then on to who knows what, isn’t life great! العاب الانترنت