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Void release a bonkers looking Club speaker, once again expanding the range with a ground breaking product.

Aimed at the larger venue, the Nexus 6 is the first in a new series of products designed for the club scene of tomorrow. بطولة امم اوروبا 2024
The radical styling of the 6 is born from the hi tech internal layout of its 20 transducers. Virtual Arc technology has been implemented on every component to form a common acoustic center that exists rearwards of the array. This approach disposes of all the disadvantages that compromise a traditional array of multiple sound sources emitting from different locations. روليت نيبر
Dispersion, phase, coherency and timing can all be controlled and unified because of the common acoustic feed point and multi channel access. It allows the same experience to be had by all that are in the throw of the Nexus 6, wherever they are. Total summation of all the components in each passband can also take place within the Nexus 6, allowing for much higher efficiency, greater output and a lot more reliability due to less stressed components.
Whether placed on LF enclosures to form a dance stack or flown independently from the LF enclosures, the Nexus 6 brings the performance and styling of the future to the here and now. اسماء ورق الكوتشينة
  • Frequency Response: 78 Hz – 21kHz -3dB points
  • Efficiency: LF : 105dB 1w/1m, HF : 110 1w/1m
  • Crossover Point: 1.8 kHz active
  • Impedance: LF : 2 x 5.3 ohms, HF : 2 x 4 ohms
  • Power Handling: LF : 2 x 1350 watts rms, HF : 2 x 320 watts rms
  • Maximum Output: 137dB cont 141dB peak
  • Driver Configuration: 12 x 6.5″ 8 x 1″
  • Dispersion: 110 h x 50 v
  • Connector: 1 x 8 pole Speakon
  • Height (mm): 1266 mm high
  • Width (mm): 561 mm wide
  • Depth (mm): 430 mm deep
  • Weight (kg): 60.5 Kg (net), 73.4 Kg with stand
  • Enclosure: Fibre Glass Kevlar composite
  • Rigging: Stack mounted or proprietary flying system
  • Finish: Smooth Cellulose
Void Acoustic Nexus 6

Void Acoustic Nexus 6 Mid Top