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Due to a recent foray into studio installation I have opened accounts with Zoom http://www. جميع المواقع التي تقبل الدفع بالباي بال paypal zoom.co.jp/ and Mackie http://www.loudtechinc.com/ recently, Zoom H4N recorders were required by a client as were Mackie 1620i Mixers and I prefer to deal direct with manufacturers than distributors mainly because they actually know something about their products as opposed to how many boxes come on a pallet! Loud Technologies also bring EAW, Ampeg and Crate in to the fold which is great. Other brands we have got on board recently are Samson also distributors for Hartke, and the legendary Korg also distributors for Walden Guitars, Vox amps, and for the Drum world Paiste and Mapex. كينو
Lastly, Sonifex who make all sorts of studio gear, in our case we required some Mic Live illuminated signs, but check the link, very exciting stuff! لعب اون لاين www.sonifex.co.uk