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A rare opportunity to supply some Audio and Lighting arose this weekend in the Ball Room at Castle Bolton, the Couple concerned really wanted a mirror ball, some effects lighting, and also stage lighting, as well as a PA system suitable for both DJ and Band. As you can see in the picture it looked quite spectacular in this unique castle setting. The only issue aside from the numerous stairs including two flights of the spiral variety, was finding a safe way of flying the mirror ball, and lights while keeping the floor clear, also avoiding this ancient listed room looking like a Pop up Disco. اسامي كونكر اون لاين A single span of ladder truss was used to hang all the fixtures and was pretty much hidden by a fairly chunky oak beam, the uprights were disguised behind various pieces of antique furniture. اسرار لعبة الضومنة The PA, I used was a Void Acoustics’s Basys, which sounded magnificent as always, I love seeing the reaction of clients when the hear it for the first time, it has a reasonably small footprint so we were able to be quite discrete with its positioning.
When I supply equipment for a Wedding it is often not particularly photogenic due to the constraints of daylight, so it was nice to spend a couple of minutes being able to photograph this room, and make a quick video to give some idea of the type of thing we can achieve. كيف تلعب لعبه I love my Job!