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Birdman Rallies at Zoso Harrogate sI had the privalige of mixing FOH for the Birman Rallies last night at Zoso, using an Allen and Heath Mix Wizard through the Void Acoustics Basys rig (light, it was upstairs) a 4 way Monitor rig (Tannoy V12) and 4 LED stage washes. ivermectina lam The gig went very well for all concerned. will ivermectin kill cats The Birdman’s out of the ordinary sound was crisp and powerful especially when Adam jumped on the second mini drum kit, I love it when things go all percussive!
Jeremy Grove powered through his support set with some unfamiliar tunes in his inimitable style, key changes and quirky melodies galore, and Matt (da conga) Watson Power added some variety to the evening with a very eclectic DJ set.
On the whole it was definitely one of the best evenings this year so far! ivermectin for humans uk buy