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#Void_Acoustics #Venue_6

#Void_Acoustics #Venue_6 monitor installation

A recent move of the position of a Church orchestra resulted in the need for a compact installed monitor system, Void Acoustics Venue 6’s were selected (Pictured) as they represented best quality and value for a speaker of this size 6″ Bass driver and 1″ Tweeter, the Venue 6 has an incredible output for an enclosure of such compact proportions, the ‘Studio Monitor’ quality sound, with uncoloured voicing means that the array of both electric and acoustic instruments being played will be clearly audible by the musicians who were struggling to hear themselves.
As the feeds are taken from Aux’s 1 and 2 the level and positioning of each instrument can be adjusted to suit the positioning of the musician concerned, Voids own propriety brackets were used as they have an ingenious system for quick mounting, and full horizontal and vertical movement and locking systems. The original front of house Tannoy V12 installation was carried out by Allan Smyth Audio Visual some 6 years ago and is still going strong!