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Thinking outside the box, a term I hear nearly every day is perhaps passe? Grow the box organically, there are many potential connotations here, does the box grow back into a tree? هل جوائز جوجل حقيقية I feel it should, what ever industry you are in you must develop and adapt, I can think of no better analogy, as I look back over my career I can easily identify the most productive branches, and best placed roots, the tree is still growing, how is your box doing? انواع البوكر Business should be good for the soul, sustainable, have as small as possible carbon footprint and provide immaculate service, attributes illustrated far better in a tree than a box, I would like to thank my friend and associate Andi Elliott for assisting in the development of this thinking, a long way to go still, so to strong growth and a sustainable future, Cheers Andi!