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Live Music

Live Band

Live sound, lighting and projection over a couple of days was required to go along with the 14 Beers on tap, several artists graced the stage and a large screen viewing of Grand pre and Rugby added some sporting adrenalin to what I gather was an extremely successfully event in aid of the local village society.
A small drum riser and various stage and up lighting gave some dimension to the otherwise functional interior of this very Victorian Village Hall, the extremely cavernous high ceiling gave the organisers some major problems in the past so we were brought in to minimise the negative effects which were mainly achieved by some basic speaker placement principals and enough power to keep everything audible above the mele.
Vllage Hall Sound and AV

Village Hall Audio Installation

Elsewhere in another Village Hall we permanently installed a 4 Speaker system with 2 radio mics, mixer, and a rework of the existing feeds to the projector so that the general public, local Am-Dram, WI, and Film society could all utilise the system with ease, result? clean, simple and a great sound.
We also provided an induction loop system which covered the entire hall to assist the hearing impaired among their clients and providers, anything which goes through the PA is automatically piped through the loop.
A Board Room required fitting out with a new HD projector and wide screen as well as some Extron Control programming to allow switching things around from a wall plate, a 6 input HDMI/VGA switcher and various media interfaces were combined to allow any display format to be utilised in any way. Sound was delivered via ceiling speakers with remote control and inputs from all the sources routed simultaneously at the touch of a button, slick yet simple.
Boardroom AV and Sound

Boardroom Audio Visual installation

Lastly, we were asked to provide a simple lighting plan for a late Christmas celebration, the spectacular room glowing in its original splendour with the addition of some state of the art modern Luminares, Staging, a large mirror ball and a temporary dividing wall were also provided.
Uplit Columbs

Christmas Up Lighting