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Party hardware for ‘one off’ club nights, festival, concerts, gigs and parties.
Party hardware is one of the big things that can go wrong at a gig. We’ve got years of experience in coupling the act and the venue with the right equipment. Weather it be a solo artist in a bar or a 30k festival stage we can help.
Live performance
Getting the mix just right is essential for not only the audience but also the performers. For larger venues and gigs getting the on stage sound can be a fine art. Our experienced engineers can help you achieve that goal.
DJ night
A good DJ night is increasingly about the way it looks as well as the way it sounds. Visuals and light shows are ‘the norm’. For ‘one off’ club nights, the crowd expect it to look a little different from normal. This can be achieved to great effect with the use of decoration, effects and lights.
300w to 30kw PA systems
Experienced live musician engineers
Multi media design services
Lasers, smoke machines, projected visuals and effects