Returns & Refunds

We are a pro-audio-visual shop and we strive for perfection with every transaction. However, if you receive a damaged or broken item from us, then we can replace the item with an undamaged item. Please email me at [email protected] to open a dialogue.

We believe that with the wealth of literature and reviews available online to the modern customer then there will be no need for refunds – we do not offer refunds. We believe that our clients should educate themselves before the transaction. Due to the calibre of stock that we sell, we know you will have done your homework before you commit to purchasing an item from our shop.

Returns & Refunds

If you receive a damaged or broken item then please post the item back in as good a state as possible to –

67 Dragon Parade
Nrth Yorkshire

Please note that if you are returning an item you will be responsible for getting it back to us – this includes all Postage & Packaging and any delivery costs incurred.

We try diligently to get it right everytime – but we are only human, and err is to be human. We do try and make sure that we send the correct goods out and on time. All cases will be handled by a Real Human and will be dealt with the utmost care and consideration. Confidentiality is something we pride ourselves on too. We will treat Returns & Refunds as a priority, normally correcting the issue within 48-72 hours of receipt of the offending goods.

If you have a point to raise – please email me at [email protected] &  will try and help you. Alternatively, all of my details are on the Contact Page. We try out utmost to ensure that the product will arrive in an undamaged, pristine state. If there is a lapse on our account, then please open a dialogue.